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In this site you will encounteer the hardest shoes ever. I will specialize on Nikes and Jordans. You will also be able to look at bombin women too. This site is still under construction.

This site is always under construction.
This site was made on April 23, 2001 by Toriant.
Now we all know that the XI's are the best J's out there, but the new ones may be even better! Here's the Nike Braintrust's revolutionary idea, Faux Platinum (fake platinum, for all you illiterates out there.) Since ice is the hottest commodity on the streets right now, Nike figured it should cash in on the trend by giving its hottest shoe, the new J, a platinum veneer.

Nike also wants to reverse a trend in the basketball shoe market by going back to Jordan high tops, meaning no lows will be available for the new model. These won't be ordinary high tops either. Modeled after the moon boots Neil Armstrong wore when he first walked on the moon, the new J's will practically be a boot stretching a good 4 to 6 inches above the ankle. My friend says that this won't be as cumbersome as it sounds because the shoes will be made of a very light space age synthetic material, so they won't affect mobility.

A prototype hasn't been perfected yet so the shoes won't be out for a while. But, unless my friend was playing a joke on me, this is not a hoax. The shoes have even been given a nickname in the Nike offices. That's right, you guessed it, they're called the "Bling-Blings". I don't think a price tag has been put on the shoes yet, but expect them to be pretty expensive, and why wouldn't they be? Since they're so revolutionary, they're sure to be status symbols once they come out.

I gotta stress that this design is not set in stone, so some alterations could be made between now and when the shoes come out, but this is the look that a friend, who has a friend who ha a pretty high position at Nike tells me the shoes designers are going for. Man, when I cop mine it's going to be off the heezy beh. Peace, and remember who broke the story first!

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